When you start learning to drive, as driving instructors, we will have a lot of valuable and important information to share with you at the beginning of each lesson. This means that part of your driving lesson time will be spent at the side of the road... not driving.


But what if you had some knowledge of the subject already? 

  1. Your instructor will be impressed, they'll be telling you less 

  2. You'll get more actual driving practice time


We’ve therefore reached an agreement with ‘World Driving’ that we can share their YouTube videos so that you can both have a look at a subject before you have to actually do it, and also its there for future reference.  Some techniques may vary slightly from instructor to instructor but not by much. There are other videos available but these are, in our opinion, the best ones out there.


We want you to be a safe driver and stand the best chance of passing your driving test, so please make the most of these tutorials.

1. First things first - the Cockpit Drill & Controls

2. Moving Off & Stopping














Once you feel comfortable, we'll then move on to showing you round the instrument panel and what levers etc control what. As all cars have different layouts, we've no videos for you but you'll be using them so often, you'll soon remember what does what.

If you can't remember, SHOUT UP! Please remember all the way through your lessons that if you're not sure about something, ASK! Your instructor won't mind!

First things first - the Cockpit Drill & Controls

Moving Off & Stopping

Your instructor will show you how to adjust your seat & mirrors correctly, and then go on to show you what the main controls of the car are.  


Adjust your seat and steering column properly. Fix their height and distance so that you can sit comfortably. You need to move your seat so that you can get the left pedal (the clutch) all the way down to the floor without stretching for it and you can grip the steering wheel without having to lean forward.  Remember you can move the seat backwards and forwards, you can also alter the angle of the backrest and possibly lower or raise the height of the seat as well.  Remember that you might not know exactly what the best position is at first but don't be afraid to tell your instructor you need to stop and have another go.  Eventually, you'll know what feels good.

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