Can I go? Where am I going?

Dealing with roundabouts

If you're looking for help on how to do roundabouts then this video will give you the tips that you need to understand them.

Turn left, 1st exit at the roundabout. Keep in the left hand lane. Check mirrors, signal left, give way to the right & keep signal on until you’ve left the roundabout.

Follow the road ahead, 2nd exit. Keep in the left hand lane (unless signs or markings tell you otherwise), no signal needed. Once it's clear from the right, keep in the appropriate lane. Before leaving the roundabout, check mirrors, signal left and then exit.

Turn right, 3rd exit. Check mirrors, signal right and approach in the right hand lane (unless signs or markings tell you otherwise). Once it's clear from the right, keep in the appropriate lane. Before leaving the roundabout, check mirrors, signal left and then exit.

How do you know when to enter a busy roundabout? Because a majority of other drivers don't signal when they should, we have to look out for other more subtle clues as to when to go.


You should give-way to the right at roundabouts but if there's an endless stream of vehicles entering the roundabout then we have to wait for a vehicle to come around the roundabout and exit towards where we've come from and, at the same time, block the vehicles on our right.


Knowing when the other vehicle is coming off is the difficult part. Look at the angle of the other vehicle and where they're steering. Never assume they're coming off, check, check and check again.


If you're unsure it's safe then wait and don't go as it's not worth the risk.

We have a look at what lane to choose at roundabouts, which mirrors you should check and when to signal at roundabouts. Which lane to choose for turning left, ahead or right at a roundabout are all common questions and are covered in this video.

Roundabouts can be overwhelming when learning to drive, especially in a manual car. A new driver often drives round them in first gear not knowing when to change gear. But when is the best time to change gear on a roundabout? If you're struggling with roundabouts on your driving lessons then hopefully this video will help.

Knowing when to go on a roundabout & being confident with the gas and clutch control at roundabouts is important. Not using the gas and clutch properly will mean you'll be stalling or moving onto the roundabout slowly.

Sooner or later you'll encounter mini roundabouts. It's best to get used to dealing with single mini roundabouts to begin with and move onto double mini roundabouts when you're more confident. Treat each mini roundabout as a separate roundabout and give-way to the right. Be careful not to stare to the right though as you need to look where you're going and it's worth a check to the left in case someone pulls out when they shouldn't.

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