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As with all our driving lessons, we are happy to collect and drop off at locations other than your home, such as work or college, if you prefer. 

Contact us with your requirements now

*An extra charge applies for motorway lessons - see here


Refresher Lessons

Many people feel the need to take refresher lessons, maybe because they haven't driven for a few months or even years, to increase confidence in general or just to target a specific area.


At Horizon School of Motoring we understand that there are all sorts of reasons for seeking out refresher lessons and we are ready, willing and able to help put you back in control - in total confidence.


There is no set minimum - just take as many hours as you feel you need.  Maybe something along the lines of the Pass Plus course might be suitable for you?


We can cover specific things like parking, dual carriageways, town or country driving and of course motorways*.

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