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The first thing you're going to need is your provisional driving licence.  If you haven't already got one, click here to apply online or if you need to apply by post, you'll need to get a Form D1 from the Post Office.  It costs £34 online or £43 by post*

You must be at least 16 years old to apply for a provisional driving licence, but normal 

entitlement to drive a car will only begin on your 17th birthday.  It can take up to 3 weeks to arrive (but very often arrives much

earlier) and once you've got it, you can then contact us to arrange your lessons.


You can always book in advance but if it doesn't arrive in time, no licence = no


Then what about this for an offer?

Two 90 minute driving lessons for just £75*

Getting into the driving seat for the very first time can every scary, but your instructor

won't be and we'll make sure that you feel as relaxed as possible.


As a beginner, you'll get our low cost Beginners Course, and will be taken

through a properly structured course of tuition. Your instructor will drive you to a

suitable area and then swap seats. You will then be shown where and what 

the controls are and how to move and stop the car, and you will always be given the

opportunity to try this out on your very first lesson, even if its only a few hundred


After that, your driving instructor will ensure that you move through the course at the right speed – there will be no pressure to move on to the next step until you are comfortable with the previous one.  Please don't be afraid to ask questions - we understand that you will not remember everything first time.


*Price correct as at 1st February 2023.  Available to new starter and novice drivers only.  

Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. One per new driver.

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