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Terms & Conditions for Semi Intensive Courses

One lesson per day Monday to Friday for as many weeks as it takes for you to reach what we deem to be an acceptable standard of driving to pass your driving test.  We recommend an hour and a half per day, but you can also do an hour or two hours. The shorter the lesson, the longer it will take you


The cost of the driving test (£62) must be paid by you, and you will also need to pay your instructor for two hours on the day of your test.


If you are starting from scratch, at one and a half hours per day, we would envisage you taking an average of around 6-7 weeks to get to test level, depending on your age and any previous experience. This is also based on the assumption that you do not cancel or miss any lessons. 


You must give 48 hours notice for ANY cancellation, failing which the lesson fee will be forfeit and it may be necessary to put your driving test back if this happens on a regular basis.  Any 'no shows' will also result in the lesson fee being forfeited.  If you decide not to continue with the course at all, you must give one weeks notice.


If you have previous experience of driving, this period may be shorter but we would need to undertake a one and a half hour assessment lesson beforehand (see current prices), with no obligation to continue on either side.


To achieve the timeline mentioned above, you must have passed your theory test or be in a position to take and pass your theory test within two weeks of the start date, because it is impossible to book your driving test unless you have passed the theory (we can provide you with free online resources to help you to achieve this) and there are also waiting lists for practical tests of between 4 and 8 weeks which we have to take into account . Please note that having passed, or subsequently passing, your theory test does not mean a test will be booked for you immediately; that all depends on your progress.  


The first two week’s lessons need paying for when booking (£430 assuming hour and a half lessons), and subsequent weeks need paying a week in advance. So for example, you book for lessons starting in three weeks time and pay £430 to secure the booking; then on the last lesson of your first week you need to pay for the third week (or more if you wish as this will be cheaper).  At the end of the second week, you pay for the fourth week and so on. 

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