COVID-19 restrictions are gradually being lifted and we have been able recommence driving lessons from 12th April 2021.

However hygiene guidelines will still be in place as follows:


  • All students must wash or clean their hands before getting in the car. If this is not possible, we will have some anti-bacterial hand gel available if you haven’t got your own.

  • Anyone with ANY Covid symptoms or those who have been in contact with anyone showing signs of Covid will not be allowed to take their lesson and must self-isolate as per the government advice. We will not enforce the current 48 hour notice period in this case, but will not do a lesson for you within the following 14 days either. Cancellations for any other reason within 48 hours of the day of the lesson will still be charged for.

  • The car will be sanitised between lessons on all possible contact points, using on-the-market products that remove viruses and bacteria.

  • Ventilation in vehicle - ie windows open whenever possible 

  • Contact between instructor and student will be limited as much as is safely possible. This may, for example, require more frequent use of the dual controls where touching the steering wheel may have been a better option. 

  • Items such as mobile phones and keys must be kept on your person and not placed on the dash or in door pockets.  Anything else must go in the boot or on the floor behind the drivers seat


If you cannot comply with the above conditions, then lessons will not go ahead.

A face mask or covering must still be worn unless you have exemption. Please bring your own PPE as this will not be supplied by us.  Any face covering or mask needs to be secure and not interfere with the controls or your ability to drive safely, eg if you wear glasses, please make sure they do not steam up.

This advice may change depending on the guidelines we are given by the government.


In order to keep the number of contacts per day as low as possible and to allow us to clean the car well between lessons without prolonging the day, when we restart we will only be doing one and a half hour lessons (wherever possible) and at fixed times, eg 8am, 10am, 12 noon, 2pm & 4 pm (although these times may vary by instructor).  Whilst in the short term this may cost more if you’ve only been doing one hour lessons, it should ultimately save money as longer practice time per session should mean fewer lessons.  However if this is not possible, please let us know.  


As far as payment is concerned, we will prefer a direct bank transfer (or PayPal if you prefer for bulk payments) rather than handling cash, although again we realise this is not always possible.  


At all times we will follow the guidance from the government, the DVSA and our collective associations. Your health and safety is of the utmost importance.  Keep safe and we look forward to helping you ‘Broaden your Horizons’.